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Here are 7 Tips for Yacht Refits


Owning a yacht or a boat is a matter of great pleasure. However, whether these vessels are used for pleasure or work, they require a great deal of maintenance. If you are a superyacht owner in Dubai, UAE, this yacht refit guide is one you can browse through to keep your sailing machine in top condition.

Whether the annual yacht maintenance work involves major overhaul repairs or just a few cosmetic yacht interior refit changes, this is a big job and you will have to call the yacht towing or boat towing services to ground your vessel first.

Tip #1: Pick the right yacht services agency

It is vital to work out a clear maintenance schedule for your cruise yacht, boat, or ship and also decide on the best megayacht refit services and crew that can get your jobs done within the budget and schedule that you have in mind. This can help you avoid costly delays and conflict while ensuring services are delivered on time and within budget.

To choose the best agency, consider the experiences and recommendations of other megayacht owners. Ensure that you go through their quotes many times before making a decision. Do not pick your boat repair agency just because they quoted the lowest price. It may be that their customer service quality is not so good. 

Tip #2: Budgeting activity 

Budget overruns are common during the yacht repair period. These may be because new problems are discovered when tackling the documented ones. Excess labour charges will accumulate when there are delays or installation problems. This can cause your yacht refit costs to spiral. Also, you need to document the points where your budget overrun has taken place. Your boat refit work, on the other hand, should be meticulously budgeted before beginning.

Tip #3: Fire-fighting capability

There have been numerous instances where fires have started during yacht maintenance work.This is due to the very nature of the work. Therefore, it is important that the vessel’s fire fighting abilities are in top-notch condition before you take it for a maintenance job. Also, the crew has to be ever-vigilant during the entire boat refit schedule.

Tip #4: Yacht refit frequency

A yacht refit is required depending on the age of the vessel or when the vessel's ownership is changing. A comprehensive yacht refit is usually planned once every five years. It also depends on the local regulations and the local statutory requirements of the government or authority body. 

When the vessel changes ownership, the new owner may want new paint, mechanical upgrades, or other cosmetic changes.

Jobs executed during a yacht refit include the following: 

  • Five-year statutory surveys

  • Repainting the antifouling -done every 1/2 years

  • Repainting of the hull is done every 3 years

  • Repainting the superstructure is done every 3/4/5 years

  • Engine and machinery overhaul

  • Emergency repairs

  • Extensions to the vessel

  • HVAC system upgrades and servicing

  • Cosmetic upgrades to the interior

Tip #5: Typical yacht refit jobs 

Boat maintenance companies usually provide all or some of the following during a boat maintenance schedule. Ensure that you keep a list of all the jobs that you want to get done during your yacht refit job.

  • Rig inspections and spares

  • Electrics

  • Electronics

  • Hydraulics

  • Machinery

  • Yacht renovation/transformation

  • Interior design

  • Interior/exterior painting

  • Engineering

  • Carpentry & joinery

  • Any metal work, welding, fabrication

  • GRP and fibreglass repairs

  • Refrigeration & air conditioning

  • Structural changes and extensions

Tip #6: Organising your crew

It is important to organise the crew wisely during the boat refit schedule. Some important members of the crew have to typically accompany the vessel to the shipyard, depending on the type of refit that is taking place. The captain, chief engineer, and chief interior stewardess are expected to be present during the job. They are also responsible for the safety of the vessel and protecting it from any damage that can occur during the yacht repair schedule.

Tip #7: Pick the right shipyard

It is important to pick the right shipyard where your vessel will be taken for maintenance. You have to know the facilities they have, the security provisions of the yard and the emergency services that they will be able to provide in case your vessel develops a major snag. It is, therefore, vital to choose the yard that will provide the right team, support, and services to get your vessel back on the water on the scheduled date once the refit is complete.

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