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The Things to Keep in Mind after Buying your Own First Yacht/Boat


Whether you have purchased a brand new or pre-owned vessel from a yacht rebuild services company in Dubai, UAE, you are now a boat owner. There are some points, however, that you have to keep in mind before you slip into the role of a boat owner. 

 #1: Insure your boat

You have to first insure your boat, for any liability as well as for damage to the boat. Here, your boat insurance is quite similar to your automobile insurance policy. However, some typical coverage policies are specific to boats. As an example, a specific fuel-spill liability policy protects you from clean-up claims or third-party damages caused by the accidental spillage of oil or fuel if your boat were to develop trouble in a marina. 

 If you have an accident while towing your vessel from or to the yacht repair, your boat policy would pay to repair/replace the trailer. If your trailer happens to cause injuries to people or damage property, then it is your auto policy that would cover the liability. Check the policies to ensure that you are adequately covered. 

 #2: Trailering your yacht

 If your yacht is a couple of hundred feet, then it may have to be trailered to reach another body of water. They also have to be sometimes towed for yacht technical and mechanical service routines to the boat yards. You can avail of towing services from legitimate yacht repair and maintenance companies that provide this service.  

 Towing safely is a new skill that a brand-new yacht owner has to be careful about. If your vessel has to be towed, you have to ensure that you get hold of tow vehicles that are rated to tow your yacht safely. This would be available only with those superyacht repair services companies that are licensed to provide these services. 

 You should be aware of your yacht’s maximum tow rating, and the Gross Combined Vehicle Rating (GCVR), which gives you an idea of the weight of the tow vehicle and the boat and the trailer if one is present. This should also include the weight of boat fuel, water, and gear. 

 #3: Launching and retrieving

 Every new boat/super yacht/mega yacht owner has to learn to launch their vessel off the ramp into the water and retrieve it once done with the sailing. The first time may be the toughest; however, practice makes perfect and you could always get help from experienced personnel working in megayacht repair services companies or yacht refit companies.

 #4: Basic boat/yacht maintenance

Personal watercraft (PWC) and powerboats will surely require basic engine maintenance on an annual basis, an oil filter change plus a fuel filter change, a change of the gearcase lubricant, and a propeller inspection. For all of these, you will have to get in touch with a reputed superyacht maintenance service company that has extensive experience in getting these jobs done for your type of vessel. 

Boat maintenance is much similar to auto maintenance. Some basic items require regular maintenance and a few others that require maintenance at intervals which are best done by professionals.

 A basic boat maintenance list would include the following items:

  • Engine(s)

  • Electrical systems

  • Plumbing and HVAC systems (in larger boats)

  • The boat’s hull (bottom) and topside

  • Moving parts (like hinges, tracks, and zippers)

  • Canvas and upholstery

 Keeping your yacht clean and lubricated where required would take care to keep several potential problems at bay. However, some of the maintenance jobs like changing engine oil, lubricating fittings, painting the hull bottom, changing the upholstery and changing the interiors of the yacht are best left to the professionals.

 If you are sailing the boat in Dubai waters, you can reach out to ‘yacht interior refit in Dubai’ companies that would help to renew your yacht upholstery and give a new look to the inside of your boat. We are Megayacht refit services in Dubai that provide refitting services such as repairing, restoring, fixing, renewing, mending and renovating any old vessel.

#5: Basic equipment required

As a new boat or ship owner, there are some items that you should keep on your vessel in addition to life jackets for people onboard. If you buy a new boat, you will have to buy dock lines and fenders that will protect the sides of the boat whenever it is docked. You will have to go through a checklist of safety equipment for the boat to make your vessel fully equipped to ride the waters.  

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