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Top 5 Yacht Maintenance and Management Tips for Yacht Owners


If you are a member of the mega yacht owners club in Dubai, UAE, there is nothing more important than servicing and properly maintaining your boat to keep it running safely. For this, you should reach out to the most reputable yacht maintenance services or boat maintenance services that are present in Dubai. In this blog post, we attempt to provide you with a brief insight into how you can maintain and manage your yacht and preserve its value.

Yacht Maintenance and Management Tips

Yachts that are larger than 40 feet usually sit on the water for the major part of the time. It is best to leave the operational management of the boat to professional yacht services in Dubai so that you can carry on with your daily life and take care of more important needs. 

Generally, boat maintenance involves keeping the boat both lubricated and clean.  

#1: Cleaning the exteriors

In addition to showcasing your vessel’s beauty, it is important to keep the vessel clean on the outside for more than one reason. You would be able to remove any invasive species from being transported from one water body to another. This helps to protect the structure of the boat by letting the finish remain intact. If this is not done regularly, the salt from the sea will corrode your yacht’s external surface causing abrasions and scratches and which turn out to be too expensive to remove. 

Yacht repair, and maintenance companies in the UAE know that a dirty hull can increase costs by as much as thirty percent. This would put a strain on the financial management of the vessel. 

The yacht refit services company would clean your boat on the land if they do not want to pollute the waters. Therefore, it is important to seek out those that have yacht towing services to pull your boat safely onto the land. Some additional tips are: 

  • Paying attention to fibreglass coatings if they turn chalky

  • Keep all your upholstery/canvas in top shape by using speciality cleaners

  • Clean all vinyl fittings regularly

  • Clean wooden surfaces using the mildest cleaners

#2: Boat engine maintenance 

This forms part of the operational management of your yacht. Yacht repair services usually perform this on a priority basis. The yacht repair and maintenance company would always go in for planned maintenance that is scheduled beforehand. They have a boat maintenance checklist that lists the following:

  • Engine

  • Propeller

  • Battery

  • Electrical Lines

  • Bilge Pump

  • Oil & Filter

  • Other fluid levels

  • Hull

This helps to keep track of those parts that require attention and provides the company providing boat services in the UAE a direction to conduct their maintenance work. 

#3: Systems Check

The yacht has many systems that have to be functional for the best yachting experience. Some of the most contributing systems are the A/C systems, pumps, exhaust /air intake systems, batteries, coolant levels, fuel and lubrication etc. If you opt for regular systems checks by yacht technical and mechanical service companies, they would do it in a timed manner. 

A planned maintenance schedule is advised when the yacht is in regular use (even otherwise). It is recommended to have all the systems checked every month. The boat repair, rebuild company would provide you with a detailed service report summary and any other recommended courses of action once the service is completed.

#4: Safety and compliance checks

Running a yacht safely, in line with existing national and international water guidelines, with good seamanship will automatically bring in compliance with most regulations. Major yacht repair services in Dubai will take care of this aspect and corroborate with you in this regard. They will take care of a large portion of the paperwork. However, as the superyacht owner, you may have to do the rest. 

Certification plays a major role in safety and compliance. The boat refit companies monitor the certification and will seek your assistance when required. With so many legislations coming in new now and then, it becomes difficult for the yacht owner to stay abreast of the latest and most complex rules. This is where yacht maintenance services companies step in to help. 

#5: Planned Maintenance 

To make sure that you are properly caring for your yacht, it is very important to keep a schedule as your vessel will be cruise-ready at any time. Make sure you list the tasks that you have to take care of every time you take the boat out and other checks that you have to do every 20/50/100 hours. 

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