Fabrication and SS Polishing Service

Bring quality into your yacht with metalwork specialist in the industry

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What we do

As we own an in-house facility lathe machine, all kinds of SS, aluminum and brass works are easily performed by our workers without consuming much time

This enables us to complete all your requirements regarding fabrication and SS polishing with minimal cost and resources.

Featured Services

  • Fabrication of handrails, fixtures, Bimini frames, anchor plates, any customized stand, table base
  • The production of swim ladder, customized according to requirement and space availability
  • Fabrication of nut, bolts, any type of thread formation.
  • Anchor rollers, guide and plates in SS 8 roller in Teflon, Nylon etc.
  • In-house metal polishing
  • Propeller polishing
  • Exhaust pipes SS fabrication
  • Fabrication of tanks or repairs
  • Fabrication of Zinc anodes

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