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Marine antifouling is the practice of reducing or preventing the accumulation of deposits on the undersides of vessels, especially in areas where your boat is continuously anchored in the water. A buildup of fouling on your vessel's hull not only looks bad, but it may also develop into larger masses that can be quite problematic for your boat or yacht. With the use of specialised antifouling paint, we can effectively and permanently do your boat restoration or yacht restoration protecting your vessel from marine growth. Our boat care services include complete scrape-offs, shot blasting, new boat installations, and corrective work if your current coating has adhesion issues. With the help of our variety of yacht antifouling services, you can efficiently shield metal from corrosion and stop the development of bacterial slime, algae, barnacles, seaweed, and other marine organisms.

Our antifoul services offer answers to a wide range of organisms that can affect marine efficiency since they have long-lasting control and stability in marine paint compositions. We offer highly economical yacht restoration services including antifouling in Dubai carried out by qualified experts, and are fully managed by our management staff. We maintain reasonable pricing for our yacht care services in Dubai . We are experts in marine antifouling and offer one of the numerous services we provide across our vast range of boat management skills is high-quality, economical antifouling. If you need vessels painting services or restoration services in Dubai, UAE you can contact our staff.

  • We work with international Jotun and copper coating as per our client's requirements
  • We undertake fiberglass boats, aluminum yachts 8 wooden boats
  • We use prop speed application on propellers 8 running gears
  • We execute osmosis repair-moisture traps inside paint coats

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W-129B, Dubai Maritime City (DMC), Near Port Rashid, Dubai, United Arab Emirates