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5 Reasons Why you Need a Yacht Towing Service


Many a time if you are a boater or a superyacht owner in Dubai, you may not be able to keep the water off the boat and the boat/yacht may hit the bottom in shallow waters. In both cases, you would need help from a boat towing service in Dubai to help you out. For mega yacht owners, it is imperative to have access to professional marine towing service providers for safety in the waters. 


If you are a boat owner who wants to sail your yacht/boat regularly in the Dubai seas, you should understand that there are a few common reasons why boaters call professional boat towing service in Dubai.  


#1: Engine equipment or mechanical breakdown


The biggest reason why boats need to be towed is because of failure. Mechanical failure happens when there has been no proper maintenance of the boat’s mechanical parts. A superyacht owner or a boat owner needs to have the boat checked at regular intervals by a professional mechanic. It is best to leave this to professional yacht maintenance or boat maintenance services to do what is necessary. It is also important to change your water impeller at regular intervals of 1 or 2 years to prevent leaks or other issues.


You should check your engine immediately if it operates at a higher temperature than normal. Call the superyacht repair services immediately for towing help and get them to check your engine. A clogged intake, corroded exhaust manifolds, slipping belts, and old hoses that have collapsed are some other factors that can cause an engine to overheat.


#2: Fuel-related issues


The fuel system in a boat or a yacht needs timely maintenance. A spring inspection or a pre-season check is recommended every year. This means changing the fuel filters and inspecting fuel lines and the fuel bulbs. 


It is also recommended that you use 100 percent ethanol-free gasoline in the tank if you have a gas-powered boat/yacht. In case you have to use ethanol fuel, it is important to use a fuel additive, and all the fuel components should be ethanol-resistant.


#3: Run out of fuel


You will have to call marine towing service providers if you run out of gas in the mid-sea. Expert sailors opine that you should never depend on your boat’s fuel gauge. You should get to know the average amount of fuel burned in an hour and track the number of hours you sail since the previous fill-up. It is also important to keep track of the weather. Many seafaring experts suggest the ‘rule of thirds’ where you fill up as one-third of the fuel is spent. One-third is left behind and one-third is kept in reserve. 


#4: Have a dead battery


Mega yacht repair services frequently encounter battery issues as the most common reason for calling out to marine towing services. This problem is frequently seen in the newer boats also. It is always better to have a marine trickle charger plugged in, especially during the colder winter months. Also, ensure that you change the battery of the boat/yacht once every three to five years. 

New boats/yachts have four-stroke engines that are fitted into them and they require higher amperage for both the electronics and the cranking. It is also important that you check whether the battery connections are tight and clean. It is a good idea to remove the old-style wing nuts with lock nuts for better connections. 


#5: Run aground


Boaters who are new to the seas in this part of the world sometimes call boat refit companies or yacht refit companies for help on towing the vehicle because of their unfamiliarity and when the vessel gets caught in shifting sandbars. They ask for help to navigate locally in the waters. It is recommended that newbies stick to marked passages and skip any shortcuts until they become familiar with the waters. If you make it a point to sail in the marked water passages, there would be practically no shoals or shifting sandbars. Faster boats get easily buried in shallow waters. This can happen even if your depth sounders are not properly calibrated.


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