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6 Tasks to Complete During a Yacht's Annual Maintenance


When talking about yachts and owning them, maintenance is an important function for the owner to perform. If your yacht sails in Dubai’s waters, you have probably realised that some tasks have to be done daily or monthly and others before the annual yacht haul.

Routine yacht maintenance, such as cleaning and inspection, helps ensure smooth sailing every day. Whether your yacht is big or small, regular sailing in the sun and saltwater can wear out parts of your vessel.

Yearly yacht repair can intimidate boat owners, especially if they are new. Yearly yacht maintenance in Dubai is about getting your vessel ready for the yachting season ahead and getting it serviced by giving it to a high-quality yacht repair services company. In the following paragraphs, you will find jobs done during the annual yacht refit and boat maintenance that will make sure you get the right jobs done by the agency and have a great sailing season.

#1: Have a logbook 

It is a good idea to go by your logbook. It is important to keep it updated. This will help you keep track of your vessel’s maintenance history: the last time you gave the vessel to the service or repair agency and the annual, five-year, and ten-year servicing checklists.

#2: Be aware of the service period 

Every yacht owner is likely to be concerned when the vessel is handed over to a yacht service company for annual yacht maintenance. It is important to get a fair idea from the agency about the estimated time for re-fit and yacht repair. Once the yacht towing is complete and the vessel is out of the water, annual yacht service should take about two weeks.This is only an estimate and will vary depending on the case.

Once the yacht is towed out, a new antifouling coat of paint is applied, and the rudders, propellers, and thrusters are serviced.

#3: Yacht engine services and repair works

All moving parts in a yacht are under constant load, and some of the parts are in constant contact with the seawater. Agencies involved in yacht maintenance in Dubai would do yearly jobs on the vessel such as the following: 

  • Replace refill fluids and filters in the engine, transmission, steering, and auxiliary hydraulic systems

  • Repair ventilation, water supply, and sewerage systems.

  • Lubricate the different mechanisms and perform all adjustments.

  • Perform diagnostic tests and repair all assemblies and auxiliary systems.

  • Perform diagnostic tests and repair the fuel system.

  • Perform engine position adjustment

  • Check and restore the shaft line and propellers.

  • Perform diagnostic tests, refuelling, and repairs on air conditioning systems.

  • Air conditioning cooling circuits should be flushed.

#4: Install additional equipment if required

Other common additional installations (if they are required) that yacht service companies in the UAE perform during an annual maintenance session are:

  • Installation of a VHF radio station

  • Installation of an anchor winch

  • Installation of a stern and bow thruster

  • Installation and connection of additional lighting and audio systems

  • Installation of additional fences, arches, and equipment for fishing

  • Installation of an autopilot and power steering

  • Installation of additional fuel tanks

#5: Deck repair

A yacht's wooden deck requires annual preventive maintenance. They have to be given the correct coating to prevent them from degenerating. The following annual jobs, some of them for the yacht interior, are recommended to be done during the annual yacht maintenance (if required):

  • Restore the teak deck

  • Replace the old teak floor

  • Sanding the deck and varnishing wooden interiors and exteriors

  • Repair and restore awnings and covers.

#6: Customised installations and repairs

You can decide to customise the yacht interiors and make them more modern if your vessel is old. This is usually carried out during the annual boat repair. You may want to change the design of the interiors, change the interior upholstery, and replace it with modern versions of the materials used. This interior renovation will be performed by the agencies involved in superyacht maintenance services in Dubai during the annual yacht service. 

Using modern technologies, boat repair professionals will perform the boat refit and the interior décor to the best of their abilities. It will look brand new after the renovation.

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