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8 Reasons Why Yacht Owners Should Hire a Yacht Maintenance Company


Are you one of those dreamers in Dubai who bought a yacht for the purpose of recreation? Do you find that your yacht has ‘run-ins’ with maintenance more often than desired? Or is it that you are a jet setter businessman in Dubai, UAE, living so far away from the yacht marina that you are not able to spend time for its upkeep and maintenance? If your answer to more than one of these questions is a resounding ‘yes”, then it is imperative that you should hire a competent yacht maintenance service provider to have your repair needs fully met.  

Let us see some of the reasons why hiring a boat maintenance company is the most important thing to do.

#1: A yacht management company would help you with routine maintenance so that you can enjoy the yacht whenever you want to. Though you may be wondering whether you can afford to pay for the yacht services the company provides, you will ultimately learn that hiring a competent and top-of-the-line yacht repair services organization would help to increase the value of your vessel. Well-maintained boats depreciate far less than vessels that are not. 

#2: Leading boat repair companies will handle both the big and the small jobs. Whether it is removing the cracks or scratches off fiberglass or doing the carpentry for yacht interiors, they would cater to the needs of yacht owners like you. As one yacht owner opines, there is always something to tinker with, and sometimes it seems like too little to hand over to a yacht management company in Dubai, UAE. However, if you are short of time you can always hand over the small jobs to leading boat services companies before it becomes too big to be managed. 

#3: Hiring yacht maintenance companies that directly employ workers to do various specialized jobs is the best thing you can do. From jobs related to engine works, towing services, antifouling, and maintenance of your yacht’s teakwood deck floor or yacht refit, they would have the best marine contractors on their rolls. Moreover, such boat maintenance companies would give you the best pricing plans and earliest response times. Beware of other so-called yacht maintenance companies that act as middlemen who mark up the contractor’s work.  

#4: Moreover, yacht management professionals representing leading yacht maintenance companies bring experience to the table. Problems in yachts may stem from very remote causes.  Experienced yacht services professionals would be familiar with any kind of problem and offer the correct marine maintenance solution right away saving you both money and time in the process. 

#5: Any reputed yacht maintenance company in Dubai, UAE would charge you only for their time. Some of them also charge per foot size of the boat. Their bills would be transparent and reasonable, be it for boat refit or boat towing services, or any other maintenance job.  

#6: Today’s super yachts and mega yachts are larger boats and a lot of modern technology goes into building them. Mega yacht owners, in places like Dubai, UAE, make significant investments and yachts become valuable assets. Therefore, more expert external advice is required. The careful management that is required can be provided only by a professional yacht maintenance company. 

#7: Yacht owners of today are well-informed and discerning lot. They view hiring a yacht maintenance company as one that provides increased protection and a sense of peace, improves reliability and compliance (in the wake of increased litigations), reduces liability,  and increases the residual value of the vessel.

#8: Yacht maintenance companies should be chosen carefully. Whereas some companies offer yacht charter management services, others offer yacht maintenance services including yacht towing and yacht interior refit, engine works, and mechanical services, among others. 

Why Choose D3 Marine

As specialists in a range of yacht and boat maintenance jobs, D3 Marine provides you with support regardless of the whether your vessel is old or modern or big or small. As market leaders in this field, our technical services department will handle your requests, whatever they may be. 

Our experienced and trained technical teams can competently manage sailing boats and yachts and deal with any electrical or mechanical problems, interior refitting work, teakwood deck floor maintenance, upholstery makeover, and just about any job in yacht and boat maintenance. Our teams strive to take care of your yacht, be it for dry dock work or the installation of new equipment.

We are known for our expertise in servicing Volvo engines in Dubai. We deliver marine maintenance solutions that cater to the specific needs of our discerning customers and strive to build lasting relationships with each of them. Therefore, it is no surprise that we have a long list of satisfied yacht and boat owners among our customers, not to forget government agencies/departments and private enterprises. 

Our comprehensive boat and yacht maintenance packages are designed to provide the owners with maximum sailing time amid maximum safety and pleasure. 

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